What Are The Knicks Doing?

Photo Credit Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure, I'm not a Knicks fan by any stretch of the imagination, but hopefully that allows me to attack this from a (somewhat) objective point of view.

The Derrick Rose move gave me pause, but I ended up talking myself into a world where it could potentially work. I don't believe we necessarily live in that world currently, but stranger things have happened. It might be swinging for the fences (or a half court shot to stick with basketball metaphors), but in the very slight chance that the one time MVP is able to remain relatively healthy, the deal goes down as an absolute steal. Derrick "If He Can Stay Healthy" Rose is a top point guard in the league and is only 27 years old. Derrick Rose is also made out of papier mache. Having said that, I can't knock the Knicks too much for the move because it's pretty low risk with the potential, however small, and a high reward. I may not root for the Knicks, but I certainly know their fan's distaste for a certain point guard and their ambivalence towards the other Lopez twin that they were able to get rid of.

The real head scratcher comes with the recent news that they're likely to sign Joakim Noah to a contract that pays him $18 million a year. Now I shouldn't start judging this move until the dust settles and it actually becomes official, but this is the internet which was basically invented for jumping to conclusions. Noah is another injury prone player on the back 9 of his career that hasn't been able to stay on the court with any consistency and adding him to a roster with the aforementioned Rose and Carmelo seems like a potential disaster. I know the Knicks are the Knicks and they were going to have to spend money on a big man at some in the offseason. There are definitely slim pickings between Dwight Howard (could see locker room friction here) and Pau Gasol (really old), so I think in their minds it was the lesser of three evils.

If they are just trying to build up the demand for Knicks tickets I kind of get this move. They are in the biggest market in the country with a rabid fan base that hasn't had much to cheer about over the past few years. Carmelo isn't getting any younger and maybe they view this as a favor to him before he hits the twilight of his career. However, if this a play for the 2nd seed in the "wide open East," as some have mentioned, I just don't get it. We saw this play out (kind of) a few years ago when the Nets went for broke and traded for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They've got a great young player in Porzingis that they should be attempting to build around with other young players, not limping in a former Bulls team only made the ECF once.

I might be wrong and will gladly eat crow if this roster goes on to remain healthy for an entire year and become the second best team in the East, but I won't be holding my breath (unless Kirk Hinrich comes through that door).